Be Well, mama

Motherhood transforms your world. Body, mind, spirit, family, relationships, career, priorities - you name it, it shifts as your family grows. Finding time and making space for yourself to check in and honor these shifts in your life is essential for your wellbeing.

Finding time and making space for yourself can also be challenging. 

Yoga is a great practice for all phases of motherhood. I often think of yoga as a series of tools and techniques to have a conversation with yourself, to really check in and listen. Pre- and post-natal classes are specifically designed for you and your experience with pregnancy, childbirth, and your post-birth life. There are specific practices that are appropriate for the different phases of motherhood and womanhood - you will find each class tailored to where you are on your journey. 

I am committed to holding space in each class and event for you to have this time for yourself. Show up just as your are and be well in a space created just for you.

If you are pregnant and identify as male or non-binary gender, you are welcome. Though I speak of motherhood and women's health, I will happily adjust my language in each space we hold together so you feel included and safe.

All Mamas are welcome

Words matter. Some of the language around motherhood and women's health is disorienting and disempowering. How we talk about pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and parenting must be mindful and inclusive. You will experience an inclusive, safe, and welcoming space in each Be Well, Mama class.

Here are some of the core beliefs of Be Well, Mama:

All birth is natural.
Childbirth, motherhood, and parenting are not competitive sports.
A fed baby is a well baby.
Love is love.
Family is family.
You are enough.




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