Yoga is not a practice of checking out. Yoga is a practice of checking in.

Yoga is a practice. It is a set of techniques and teachings (I think of them as tools) that, when practiced together, guide us fully into each present moment. Yoga helps us still the spinning of the mind and root firmly into a place of stillness.

 Stillness is not apathy. Stillness is clarity.

 When we are in the moment, there is not room for anything else.

Yogis, we were made for these times.

There are some yoga lineages that advocate living in a cave and removing yourself from the world, to live separately. I don't follow that teaching. Sure, it's good - healthy even - to get a break. (Iā€™m a textbook introvert.) Travel, retreats, going to a class, sitting at a coffee shop by yourself, and moments of silence (glorious silence!) are transformational & important. We sometimes have to change our perspective to truly see where we are so that we can be mindfully, fully engaged with our place in life.

 Yoga gives us the tools to actively, effectively engage with the world - just as we bring freedom into the body, we can bring freedom into our lives and be a positive force of change in the world.