Keep it Simple

Copy of Steady.png

So simple.

Sitting simply is time to notice how I make the simple so hard. In the simplicity of sitting, I feel the push/pull of strength and softness in body, mind, and spirit. I notice a cycling song that goes something like, “I can't go on I will go on I can't go on I will go on,” and begin to change the lyrics. In the simplicity and space of sitting, I make time to witness the stories I tell myself and begin to shift the narrative.

There is almost always that beautiful moment of, "hey, I can put my arms down if I want to, but I won't. I think there is something here I need to hear." 

We do this often in prenatal yoga. Holding space for this simple shape is just as challenging and rewarding as it is on the student side.

One day, a few months into her practice, a mama who had been new to yoga and seeking relaxation on recommendation from her doctor allowed herself to fully embody her Feminine with a capital F in class. Eyes closed, fully in her moment, she swirled her hips and moved so intuitively. It was witnessing Freedom with a capital F. It was simply beautiful.

Women who give birth do not just give birth to children, we birth ourselves into motherhood and our birth partners into parenthood.

It  is complex.
It is disorienting. 
Yoga and meditation can help.

When life is complex and disorienting, we need something simple to help us come back home to ourselves. In those times, we can find our way to an easy seat with our eyes closed, put our arms up in the air, and simply connect.

The yoga. It works.