I want to find my comfort zone.

I’ve been told and encouraged to “get outside your comfort zone” since stepping into yogaland.

Why do I need to go to a yoga class and “get outside my comfort zone” when I feel like I’ve lived so much of my life in discomfort?

There are times I’m uncomfortable in my body, in social situations, parenting my children, parenting my children in community with other parents, in work environments, in relationships, paying attention to social injustices, watching the environment collapse, etc.….and sometimes all these discomforts intersect at the same time.

The more I publicly identify as an introvert, the more conversations I have about finding ways to be comfortable in public and in group situations.

There is a multi-million-dollar self-help industry alive and booming to help us all overcome discomfort. We fast, we juice, we cleanse, we write, we go to yoga, we go to workshops where we get up in front of strangers and profess our deepest vulnerabilities, we leave these workshops wondering if we went far enough or left out some hidden damage, we exercise, we breathe, etc. all to work through discomfort….and this industry, in some ways, profits off of us always being uncomfortable.

I think I’m not alone in this. 

What we really need to challenge is the complacency zone.

The complacency zone is a blissful cocoon of self-satisfaction where it is possible to opt-out of truly challenging experiences. 

The complacency zone is a very self-satisfying place to dwell. I’ve been there. I’ve done it. I do it….and it is deeply harmful to my community.

I stay home instead of get out. 
I teach and practice the same old flow instead of exploring and trying new things that may not look like commercially packaged yoga. 
I teach and practice the same old flow that doesn’t leave room for practitioners to have healthy personal exploration experiences.
I remain blissfully unaware of how my actions and inactions impact my body, my family, and my community. 

It is spiritual bypasssing.
It is good vibes only.
It is like candy marketed as a superfood.
It is missing out on truly participating in and experiencing the beautiful complexity of life on this planet.

Yoga, I’m ready to dismantle my complacency. I’m going to the mat, the cushion, and my commuity to find and expand my comfort zone. 

It seems revolutionary in the yoga and wellness industry to say this, but here it goes:

I officially declare that I want to be comfortable.
I want to be comfortable in body (self/community), mind, and heart. 

Are you with me?

Writing prompts:

Where are you complacent in your life?
What would it feel & look like to be comfortable in your day-to-day life?