about Emily Taggart

Yoga Teacher, Peacemaker, Mama, Wife, Friend, Student, Introvert, Traveler, Lover of Language….My name is Emily and I am here to hold a safe space for your yoga practice. Each experience you have with yoga should be one that helps you on your path to living well as a responsible citizen of this earth.

I have been teaching yoga in the Sacramento area since 2010. Weaving together practices from traditional yoga and functional movement, each yoga experience with me is held together by a thread of intention and spirit. You will experience an invitation to move and rest at the pace of breath with modifications and props offered throughout instruction.

Specializing in prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga, I offer classes and workshops to support mamas of all birthing and parenting philosophies.

Check my schedule for public offerings. I also offer private one-on-one and private group classes - contact me at bewellyogini@gmail.com to get started.

Come to class and have the time of your life one breath, one moment at a time.

Emily's Yoga practice

I believe our body is a living, evolving story of human experience. In this body, we hold sensations of memory, expectation, decision, and desire. I have found yoga to be a powerful way explore and truly experience an embodied life. Sometimes this yoga looks like moving through a slow sun salutation, sometimes it looks like resting on a big pile of bolsters and pillows, sometimes it is remembering to squat instead of slouch forward when cleaning my house, and sometimes it looks like me taking a really deep breath when I feel upset and ungrounded in the middle of day-to-day life.

What it feels like, always, is me trying to be my very best version of myself. It always feels like a wobbly balance of strength and ease, doing and allowing. 

My yoga practice always feels like me doing my best to simply be well. This is what I believe - that yoga is a way of life.

This is both my practice and the way I teach.

Off the yoga mat

I live in a small one-hundred-year-old house in Sacramento, California with my husband, two daughters, dog, and garden. Yes, I consider our garden a resident of our home.

I love to do one thing at a time. This is, perhaps, the biggest struggle of my life.

I love a good cup of coffee, well-crafted sentences, and moments of silence. I love travel - whether it is a walk to the local playground or a stroll through a market on the other side of the world. I love to share delicious meals and nourishing conversations with close friends and family. I am a textbook introvert who thrives in small groups and wilts in big crowds. I love to really, truly listen to music.

Each day, I write about it all. I don’t share it all. I write mostly for me, as I have since I began putting pen to paper in my very first diary at age five. 

CONTACT emily taggart

Email: BeWellYogini@gmail.com

instagram @bewellyogini