Emily Taggart Yoga

Yoga Just for you

You are ready for yoga. There is absolutely no need to be able to touch your toes, walk on your hands, or know a syllable of Sanskrit to get started.

Wherever you are on your yoga path, show up to any public class or workshop, check out my online resources, or contact me to start working together one-on-one. 

I believe that the time you make for yoga is your time - if you take an hour-long savasana or throw in extra push-ups in class, I applaud and support you for taking time for what you need. 


I offer a variety of yoga experiences ranging from functional vinyasa flow (that is on the slower side) to restorative rest. No matter the class time, style, or location - I am always here to hold a safe space for you to have the practice you need.

 I love props - block, bolsters, balls, blankets, straps, resistance bands, walls, whatever is on hand - and will help you integrate them in your practice. 

Fundamentally, yoga is a way of life. I infuse each offering with teachings from yoga philosophy and spiritual practices. I relate these teachings to the physical (asana) practice we share in each session and how we can build a "yoga toolbox" to help live life as our very best self.

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I post short sequences, deep-ish thoughts, and more as @BeWellYogini on my IG feed.

how can I support you?

Send me an email if there is something you would like me share, expand upon, or add to public & on-line offerings.

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