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postpartum yoga

Postpartum yoga is specifically designed to be safe and restorative for people who have given birth. What is the postpartum period? Postpartum simply means "following childbirth." In many ways, the postpartum period is for the rest of our lives. Postpartum yoga classes typically focus on the year following childbirth.

How you move, rest, and nourish yourself after giving birth is crucial to your long-term health. Think about it - your body expanded for nine months while creating a new human being. In a matter of hours, you gave birth. Postpartum yoga honors your body, mind, and spirit as you transition into this new phase of motherhood. 

when to start postpartum classes

General guidelines suggest 4-6 weeks after a vaginal birth, 8 weeks after a cesarian birth. Postpartum yoga classes are best started once lochia flow has subsided (a.k.a. once you stop bleeding).

what to expect in Mama & Baby class

Mama & baby classes are for you and your pre-crawling baby. You will be guided through breath and movement practices to help build strength, stamina, and stability as well as nourishing restorative rest poses. No prior experience with yoga is necessary. We have a class check-in to build community, share experiences, and discover ways I can best serve you and our group during our time together. We discuss postpartum health and much more throughout our class. You are always welcome to rest the entire class if that is what you need.

Your pre-crawling baby will be nestled at the top of your mat on blankets. Your baby is welcome to just be a baby in class. Your baby may cry, sleep, eat, need a diaper change, or all of the above and that is 100% okay. Bring blankets, quiet toys, snacks, and any comfort item for your baby to feel extra secure.

If you are mother by way of adoption, you are welcome in class. If you have given birth and identify as male or non-binary gender, you are welcome. 

My hope is for you to leave each session feeling more connected to yourself, your baby, and your community of mamas.


Classes & events

public offerings

  • No public classes at this time - stay tuned!

Private offerings

Are you having a hard time getting to the studio? Do you have a mom's group? Let me bring the studio to you. I can also coordinate a space for you to have a yoga practice tailored to your experience. Postpartum classes can be with your baby or be a time for you to have to yourself. Have a toddler, too? We can make it happen. 

Contact me at bewellyogini@gmail.com to start the conversation. I am available for private individual and private group sessions. 

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